Contact Lenses

Our office offers disposable contact lenses for all types of eyes in almost every modality thinkable!

  • Continuous wear is the ultimate in convenience. You can wear these contact lenses for 30 days without removing them. This includes sleeping with your lenses on! Is it safe? Absolutely! In fact Dr. Ng wears this system.
  • Flexible wear to accommodate your active lifestyle – the perfect lens for those who do not sleep in their lenses everyday but want to have the option to do so safely.
  • Bifocal lenses – have your cake and eat it too! See distance and near without any glasses. Available in Soft and Rigid Gas Permeable materials.
  • Daily disposable – no more rubbing, cleaning, solutions and cases.
  • Toric contact lenses – astigmatism is no longer a problem.
  • Gas permeable lenses – the ultimate in clear vision.
  • Colour contacts – change or complement your eye colour.

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