Comprehensive Eye Exam

We begin each exam with a patient interview. We want to hear about your eye problems and visual requirements. This process allows us to focus the examination to meet your specific needs.

Initial visual acuity. We will assess your vision before we begin any other tests. This will give us an indication how well or poorly you are currently seeing.

Afterwards we will test your binocular vision to determine how well your eyes are working together.

Your peripheral vision is assessed next. If any problems are detected we will do a more in depth analysis with a computer visual field test.

At this point we will determine the prescription. Your prescription is checked a total of three times before you leave our office. This triple check ensures the highest accuracy possible.

The health of your eyes is the most important part of the exam. Your pupils will be dilated which will allow us to examine the inside of your eyes. We are looking out for conditions such as glaucoma, cataracts, and macular degeneration.

Our office has the latest in imagining equipment allowing us to take a digital image of the back of your eye. This is done through retinal photography. Using this computer we can take digital images of your retina. We use this computer image to monitor changes of your retina over time, to show the patients what we see, and to consult with other medical specialists as required.

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